After Your Passport Renewal, Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

It has come down to the last minute and you’re panicking. Your passport and visa are probably the most important things on your mind, but even if you leave them right until a few days before you travel, an emergency passport service can sort them out for you.

Schengen Visa Countries List

However, there’s one other thing that you absolutely mustn’t forget: Travel insurance. Some people choose not to purchase travel insurance thinking it will save them money. But this is just a method of gambling as it can turn out very costly indeed if you don’t have insurance and something goes wrong.

So why should you bother with insurance?

Medical Costs

Cover for your medical treatment is the main reason that you should take out insurance before you leave home. No one likes to think that they will get ill abroad, and it’s the last thing you will think about when you are planning your vacation. But illness can occur, and accidents do happen. When even something relatively minor can cost thousands of dollars in a foreign hospital, is it worth the risk?

Cancellation Cover

This is another of the big reasons to take out travel insurance. If you have to cancel your vacation due to illness or a death in the family, will you get your money back for your flight, hotel bookings, car rental deposit, and anything else you have booked? A good travel insurance policy will cover these for you so at least you will have peace of mind before you travel.

Lost Items & Cash

If your important possessions get lost or stolen, some travel insurance policies will cover you for these. Most policies only cover up to a maximum amount and include a maximum item limit, so if you are taking a very expensive laptop away with you then you might need separate cover for this. You never know what can happen, and some travel insurance policies even cover you for the price of replacing a lost or stolen passport abroad, which is a great reason to have cover.

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