Dating Tip for Men

Men, do you want some good dating advise and good dating tips? Dating beautiful women is much easier then you might think and you do not need a bunch of tricks to do it. You can attract the women of your dreams and you do not need to have the looks of a movie star, brains of a genius or money of a millionaire. We have all seen those guys with that knock out lady and wondered how he got her. The dating tips below are truly the most important things a man should know when dating a women.

Keep some intrigue between you and your date. This dating tip will keep  vietnamese girl for marriage  them coming back for more. What this means is, do not tell them everything about yourself right from the start. You should be letting her do most the talking anyway. Let them wonder about you when the date is over. Get them interested and wanting more, like a good movie clip. Just like a good movie clip you want them interested, but you do not want to show them the best parts of the story first. Save that for later as you get to know her more. You also do not want to reveal everything, so she decides you are not the kind of guy that is for her. Let her find out the really cool things by talking to your friends, looking at your book collection or seeing the things in your home.

Dating tip two is ladies want to be treated like ladies, so guys you need to be a gentleman. Most guys are slobs and do not really know how to treat ladies right. If you are a slob, I suggest you get a good book on manors or how to be a gentleman. At least do the basics like open doors, pull the chair out, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, hold her coat and so on. These little gestures will make a lady feel special and appreciated. They will also make you stand out in a crowd, as someone special that she will want to spend more time with.

Dating tip number three is make sure you know what you are going to do on a date. You are the man and you should be making the decision on where and what you are going to do if you asked her out. Throw some romance into the date and show her you put a lot of thought into it. She will see the effort and really appreciate it. Most guys go for the old standby of a movie and a date. I say skip it. Instead take her to an out door symphony concert and pack a picnic dinner that includes wine and all the extras. Of course that may not be your style, but I think you get the idea. Coming up with interesting fun dates is actually much easier then it sounds. All you need is two or three good date ideas, then you can repeat them as you date different women. As an example, I used to take women to a comedy club on first dates. This may sound like a bad idea, but if you can laugh a lot with a women she will associate that with you. This date never failed to win there hearts or at least led to more. Remember you asked her out, you make the decisions on the date. If it works out in the long run and you get married she will be bossing you around anyway, so now is your chance to make the decisions.

Have some confidence, but do not be a jerk about it. This  asiame review  means not being afraid to touch her, kiss her or whatever the case may be. Stand up straight and display a feeling of confidence with your body language. Women are about ten times more perceptive at picking up body language cues then men are. Their brains are just built that way. Believe me she will notice every little sign, so just act the part of being confident if you need to.

Last dating tip is to treat the date like a game. What I mean by this is not to put pressure on yourself about everything going perfect. If you screw things up and she does not like you, so what. Just move on to the next one and learn from your mistakes. Have fun, the world of dating exciting with many rewards.

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